Fittingly born in “The Birthplace of America’s Music,” Marty Stuart’s Mississippi roots foretold what would become a storied country music career. Stuart was barely a teenager when he stepped foot in Nashville in 1972. Starting out, he played mandolin for Lester Flatt and later joined Johnny Cash’s backing band. With time, Stuart found his own sound, putting a twist on rockabilly with songs like “Hillbilly Rock,” an earworm of a title track that seamlessly blended groove and twang. Stuart has maintained a loyal presence on the Grand Ole Opry stage since he became a member in 1992, ensuring that the talents of country music pioneers who came before him are never forgotten.   

YOUR FRIENDS HAVE ONE DAY IN TOWN. WHERE SHOULD THEY GO?The Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, Manuel Couture, Ernest Tubb Record Shop, or Hermitage Hotel for breakfast.

OPRY ASIDE, WHAT MUSIC VENUES DO YOU ENJOY?The Country on any Sunday night that Chris Scruggs and the Stone Fox Five are playing, American Legion Post 82, or wherever the Kenny Vaughan Trio is playing around town.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE HIDDEN GEM IN NASHVILLE?The Great Escape Record Store and Gruhn Guitars.

WHERE DO YOU LIKE TO GO ON YOUR DAYS OFF?Go to the lake and get into nature.

WHAT BRUNCH SPOTS DO YOU ENJOY? BrickTop’s in West End and Germantown Café.

IT’S DATE NIGHT! WHERE DO YOU AND CONNIE GO? The movies — check what's showing at the Belcourt first.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE NEIGHBORHOODS TO VISIT?Belle Meade is absolutely beautiful, or for a peek into the old world of country music, several touchstones can be found in Madison, TN.

WHERE WOULD YOUR FANS MOST LIKELY RUN INTO YOU IN NASHVILLE? The grocery store, the car wash, or Manuel's.