The unique physical characteristics of the Opry House require a few rules and restrictions.

  1. As of October 1, 2007, smoking is illegal inside all public buildings. Smoking is prohibited in the auditorium, on stage, backstage, and in all dressing rooms.
  2. Pyrotechnics are NOT permitted.
  3. Confetti and glitter are NOT permitted.
  4. Snow machines are NOT permitted.
  5. Oil based hazers are NOT permitted.
  6. Animals (other than service animals) are not allowed on-premises.
  7. Clear access to all entrances, exits, and utility locations must always be maintained.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

We look forward to a successful and memorable event.

If you have questions or require additional information regarding the Grand Ole Opry House, please contact a member of the Opry House management team.



Opry Entertainment and its affiliates are the sole and exclusive owner of the trademarks, servicemarks, copyrights, logos, likenesses, and other intellectual property associated with The Grand Ole Opry House. Unauthorized use of such intellectual property for any purpose is prohibited by federal copyright law. An engagement at the Opry House confers no right or title in, or a license to use, such intellectual property for any purpose without the express written consent of Opry Entertainment. No portion of any performance at the Opry House may be broadcast, recorded, filmed, or embodied, in any form, without venue management’s prior written consent and execution of necessary licensing agreements.



Total Seats 4404

Main Floor 2031

Mezzanine 960

Balcony 1413




Width: 90’


  • (Back wall to Opry Set*) 14’
  • (Opry backdrop to traveler) 26’
  • (Opry backdrop to flat edge of stage) 33’
  • (Opry backdrop to rounded edge of stage) 49’
  • (Opry backdrop to rounded edge of thrust stage) 61’

Distance from downstage edge to front of house mix position: 65’



Fly system, counterweight height 75’

Carpenter pipe highest trim 67’

Electrical pipe highest trim 48’



Height 42”

Thrust stage drops 17” below auditorium floor level


Access to Stage

Soundproof accordion door 20’ wide x 20’ tall

Distance to nearest Loading Dock 92’



The Opry backdrop is a permanent fixture of the Opry House and shall not be moved up from its fixed position.  The space the Opry backdrop occupies is fly-rail number 43.  A black curtain will be dropped in front of the Opry backdrop for non-Opry show events. Use of the Grand Ole Opry set (backdrop, microphone stands, podium, etc.) is not included in the rental of the Grand Ole Opry House.  Set pieces are brand images of the Grand Ole Opry show.  Please contact Event Manager to request details regarding policies for use and fees involved with such use.