Opry Seating 101


With over 4,000 seat capacity spanning 37 different sections, there are no bad seats at the Opry House! Wheelchair accessible seating options are also available on upper and lower levels.


Grab Your Seat

Upper Level Seats

The upper level offers an unparalleled view at the Opry. This level has over 2,300 seats and 21 different sections. Watch the artists you love with this high-level view only at the Opry.

GOO_SeatingChart_Upper (1).jpg



Lower Level Seats

The lower level at the Opry gives you an experience like no other. With almost 2,000 seats to choose from in 15 different sections, there’s a seat for everyone. And since these seats are the closest to the stage, you’ll never miss any of the action.

GOO_SeatingChart_Lower (1).jpg