When she was just 17 years old, RaeLynn moved from her hometown of Baytown, Texas to Nashville with her heart set on a career in country music. She made her first mark with a sassy rendition of the Pistol Annie's "Hell on Heels" in a blind audition on The Voice, eventually making it to the quarterfinals on the show.

Since 2012, RaeLynn has grown into her own as an artist. She cowrote almost every song on her 2017 release WildHorse, and she isn't slowing down anytime soon. Here are her favorite things to do in Nashville. 

Ascend is great … I just went to a Maren and Nial show, which was such an incredible show. That’s a really awesome new venue, but my favorite part about it is just that the seating is so awesome and I love being outside. A place that’s always been near and dear to my heart — because I’ve seen so many shows there and sold out a show there — is Mercy Lounge. Some of my favorite bands that are so big now, I saw them there when they were nobody, so that’s one of my other favorite places to play — other than the Grand Ole Opry’s stage, which is my ultimate favorite place to sing.

OK, I have a few. I love Posh, the one that’s by Fido and Jackson’s. I love Forever 21. I always go to Opry Mills Mall or Cool Springs for that. Lizard Thicket is a really fun one. It has a store in Green Hills, and it’s so cute. The one thing I love about Lizard Thicket is that it’s kind of like Posh; the Nashville one is so different from the one in Georgia.

IT’S DATE NIGHT. WHERE’S A FUN PLACE TO GO? Oh my gosh, we go to so many different places. I would say Tavern is a really good place because he can get a burger and I can get somewhat healthy food. A new place that I love and can’t wait to take my husband to is a place called Sunda. It’s a new sushi place that’s really good.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO ON YOUR DAY OFF IN NASHVILLE?I love to chill. I love to cycle at this place called Krank; it’s in the Green Hills area. It’s a great place to work out. You’re always working out to music, so you don’t really feel like you’re working out, but you are. I love to spend time with my dogs and take them on a hike. If you’re visiting, definitely go visit Percy Warner or Percy Priest. There are really nice places to just be outside. 

WHAT’S THE BEST THING YOU’VE EVER EATEN IN NASHVILLE?Oh my God. That is hard. Let me think. OK, I know. It’s the cotton candy bacon at Kayne Prime. Pretty amazing. It’s just phenomenal. They put bacon with cotton candy on top of it, so yes, you need to get it.

IF FRIENDS ARE IN TOWN FOR ONLY ONE DAY, WHAT WOULD RECOMMEND THAT THEY DO OR SEE IN THE CITY? You should definitely go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and come to the Opry. These two places are just so iconic in country music, and if you’re really trying to get your Nashville fix, going to those two places in one day you cannot beat.