Nashville has risen to Vegas-level ranks as a bachelorette destination. With so much to do, planning can be overwhelming. Make it easy on yourself by taking our personality quiz, and we’ll tell you how to make the most of your celebration.

By Katie Quine • January 31, 2019

What’s your beverage of choice?
A. Sparkling water or a glass of wine
B. Craft beer or cocktails 
C. Fireball whiskey

What’s your ideal vacation? 
A. An all-inclusive beach resort
B. A backpacking trip around Europe
C. An all-out week in Las Vegas

What’s your weekend anthem?
A. “Day Drinkin’” by Little Big Town
B. “Fast Cars and Freedom” by Rascal Flatts
C. “That’s My Kind of Night” by Luke Bryan

What are you typically up to on a Friday night?
A. Getting takeout and binging a new show
B. Discovering a new restaurant in town
C. Dancing with friends

At a party, where can we find you?
A. Petting the dog
B. Having a deep conversation with a stranger
C. Being the center of attention

Mostly As

You’re looking for a laidback bachelorette weekend...

Do: Pour yourself a glass of wine and a custom candle at The Candle Bar, which has locations in Berry Hill and East Nashville. In a hands–on class, you’ll get to choose among dozens of comforting scents and decorative vessels before mixing and pouring a candle that’s uniquely yours to take home. You and your friends will love taking photos while donning chic denim aprons and sipping vino or a craft brew.

Drink: Founded by country artist Kix Brooks, Arrington Vineyards is just under 30 miles from downtown Nashville. Its rolling hills make an ideal setting for a picnic (the vineyard will even pack one for you) where you can laze away all afternoon. Enjoy "Music in the Vines" on weekends in the warmer months as live jazz and bluegrass bands play.

Listen: A storied listening room with a "Shh! policy," The Bluebird Cafe is all about the music. At this hallowed ground for songwriters, a hush falls over the crowd each evening as artists perform intimate acoustic renditions of the songs they’ve written. Keep an eye out for tickets as they’re snatched up minutes after they go on sale.

Photograph courtesy of The Bluebird Cafe

Brunch: If Cafe Roze were a person, it would be an art major who studied abroad in Paris. The restaurant's marble countertops and blush pink accents create an airy, elegant atmosphere, but Cafe Roze remains an approachable neighborhood hang. Comfort and elegance blend effortlessly on the menu with dishes like country ham toast and stout waffles topped with mascarpone and seasonal poached fruit.

Mostly Bs

Sounds like you’re up for an adventure...

Do: Start your day off by soaring through the air in an aerial yoga class. Perfect for large groups, Studio Goddess can arrange a private party for you and your best friends, whether you’re traveling with two people in tow—or 20. Try your hand at the aerial silk swing or learn a dance routine that combines hip–hop and line dancing. In the evening, get all dressed up and go underground for a live magic show and gourmet dinner at House of Cards, one of Nashville’s swankiest secrets. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Photograph courtesy of House of Cards taken by Kate Dearman

Drink: Your bachelorette weekend isn’t cookie–cutter, and your cocktail shouldn’t be either. Enter Attaboy, the speakeasy that introduces you to your new favorite drink. There’s no menu here, and don’t even think about ordering a rum and Coke. Just tell them what kind of liquors and flavors you like — every order is personalized at this East Nashville gem.

Listen: Looking to discover tons of musicians whose songs you can add to your Spotify playlist? With 8 to 12 artists performing every show, the Grand Ole Opry will broaden your horizons with a rotating lineup of legends, hit–makers, and up–and–coming talent. Even if you’re into classic country music and another bridesmaid is more of an Americana fan, you’ll find common ground here. Make the occasion extra special by going on a VIP tour or giving the bride an on–air shout–out during the show with the help of a Celebration Package. If you’re looking to venture beyond country music, the Opry’s most famous former home, Ryman Auditorium, hosts a diverse array of shows. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Ed Sheeran to Aretha Franklin has performed at the iconic downtown venue.

Brunch: Up your bowling game while dining on breakfast tacos at Pinewood Social. Unlike your run–of–the–mill bowling alley where chicken tenders are about as fancy as it gets, the menu at Pinewood boasts dishes like brown butter waffles and lobster rolls. The cocktails are artisanal and seasonal, and while we can’t guarantee they’ll help you bowl a strike, we can promise a good time.

Mostly Cs

For you, it’s all about the party...

Do: Before going full–throttle, you’ll want to ease into your bachelorette weekend. Spend the day shopping and strolling around 12South. Pick out something to wear on the town at Reese Witherspoon’s charming boutique Draper James, snap a photo of you and the rest of your “I Do” crew in front of one of the neighborhood’s many murals, and enjoy a spicy margarita or two at bartaco. Once you’re geared up for downtown, hop on the Nashville Pedal Tavern—or a party bus, wagon, or barge—we’ve got many modes of transportation around here. Get the lay of the land while sipping on something strong—this activity is BYOB.

Drink: Everyone knows Nashville for its hot chicken, but the city has a favorite beverage, too. A boozy, rum–based milkshake that goes down real smooth, the bushwacker makes for the perfect afternoon sipper when temperatures start to rise. You can get them all over town, from Edley’s Bar–B–Que to Broadway Brewhouse.

Listen: Nowhere else in the world can you hear as much free live music as you can in Nashville. Head down to Lower Broadway, also known as Nashville’s Honky–Tonk Highway. Not quite sure what a honky–tonk is? We’ve got your primer. The best part about Lower Broadway is that you can freely hop from bar to bar without having to pay a cover. Play around at one of the various outposts owned by country stars, from Blake Shelton’s Ole Red to Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row to AJ’s Good Time Bar, which is Opry member Alan Jackson’s place. Learn how to line–dance at Wildhorse Saloon or take control of the mic at Wanna B’s Karaoke Bar. It’s your night. Make the most of it.

Brunch: If you’re looking for the hair–of–the–dog after a late night bender on Broadway, you don’t have to search far for a brunch spot. Ole Red, a restaurant and bar inspired by Shelton’s breakout hit “Ol’ Red,” has the perfect rooftop hideaway. The Lookout at Ole Red boasts a robust continental brunch buffet and drool–worthy menu items like the hot chicken benedict and a giant brioche cinnamon roll that weighs in at one pound. Don’t miss the “Group Efforts.” These large cocktails are made for a crowd, and everyone will be turning heads when you order a tower filled to the brim with rosé sangria. Don’t forget to pull out your phones for a Boomerang. Cheers!