From 10-gallon hats to blinged-out gowns, these signature looks of Grand Ole Opry stars are almost as iconic as the artists themselves.

By Hailey Reynolds • July 12, 2018 • Photos by Chris Hollo

Best of the Bling

From flashy jackets to show-stopping heels, we sure do love to put rhinestones on everything. Here are a few of our favorite blinged-out ensembles from Grand Ole Opry members.

What shines brighter: Dolly’s outfit or her personality? We can’t get over just how radiant this queen of country looked during this 2011 Opry performance. Everyone could stand to take a piece of her advice: “Never leave a rhinestone unturned.”

Looking angelic as ever with a voice to match, Carrie Underwood wore this lacy and intricately sequined dress in 2015. The dresses Carrie has worn on the Opry stage aren’t just statement pieces — they’re masterpieces.

Loretta Lynn rocks a signature gown every time she graces the stage. To mark her 50th anniversary as an Opry member, her personal designer created this dress that weighed 75 pounds. Lynn only wore this custom gown once. She is a true Southern belle with a style all her own.

Lookin' like a 10 in a Ten-Gallon

Fancy headgear has been a country music staple for decades. Whether the style is a cattleman, cutter, or gambler, these hats can be found at almost every Opry show. Check out these fancy ten-gallons from our friends here at the Opry.

It’s rare if you ever see Grand Ole Opry member Brad Paisley without his signature white cowboy hat that has a distinctly creased brim. Just how much does Brad love cowboy hats? He has his own western wear line with Boot Barn.

While you won’t find Blake Shelton donning a cowboy hat these days, it was a cornerstone of his early style. The hat he wore during this 2007 performance was a traditional cutter-style hat.

A diminutive frame never stopped Little Jimmy Dickens from pairing his ten-gallon along with his famous suit. When he stood alongside tall, dark, and ready-to-rock Trace Adkins, it made for quite the sight.

Suit Up

Some of our favorite country performers have shaped their iconic image by wearing suits made famous by designers Manuel Cuevas and Nudie Cohn. These suits were first worn by rodeo-goers, famous actors, and rock stars before they became a country music staple. Now you can even find best-selling female artists such as Kesha and Lady Gaga sporting them.

Marty Stuart’s sound has been described as a mix of rockabilly and traditional. His choice of a black leather suit with edgy details and scarf does a good job of reflecting his music. A friend of designer Manuel Cuevas, Marty can often be found browsing Manuel’s store on Nashville’s Broadway.

On his Opry debut, Joshua Hedley appeared in a bright custom-designed suit, the same one that he wore on the cover of his debut album. It was designed by Jerry Lee Atwood of Union Western Clothing and reflects the whimsical imagery found on retro suits, which fits perfectly with Joshua’s honky-tonk sound.

Porter Wagoner’s image wasn’t complete without his flashy Nudie suits — he had more than 50 — and golden pompadour. Many of these suits featured wagon motifs, a nod to Porter’s “Wagonmaster” nickname. This Opry member sure had the talent to pull off this classic look.