Tickets for Grand Ole Opry shows may be purchased at the following authorized points of purchase:

  1. In Person
    Tickets are available at the Opry Box Office and the Ryman Auditorium Box Office.
  2. By Phone
    Contact Customer Service
  3. Online through the following websites:

These are the only authorized ticket-selling agents of Opry Entertainment events. Please be advised that we cannot vouch for the authenticity of tickets obtained through any other source. The Grand Ole Opry will not honor counterfeit or other invalid tickets.


Our mama didn’t raise no fools! And neither did yours. Don’t be fooled by online ticketing sites that resell tickets.

Why put your hard-earned money in jeopardy by buying from a third party? It’s likely those tickets are FAKE. If they are valid, chances are you’ll pay double or triple the face value of the ticket, or more.

Opry Entertainment does not condone the unfair and misleading practices of ticket scalpers who profit by cheating true fans. Ticket orders found to be in violation of our reselling policies will be cancelled. If you did purchase through an unauthorized source, we cannot contact you regarding changes to your event, nor can we guarantee authenticity of the tickets. Access to the venue may be denied.

  • The Grand Ole Opry is not responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties, such as ticket brokers, scalpers or online outlets.
  • Tickets purchased from third parties may not be valid and do not guarantee admission into an event.
  • Tickets purchased from third parties are usually priced much higher than the ticket’s face value so you will pay more than the price charged by the Grand Ole Opry for the same ticket.
  • The Grand Ole Opry cannot replace such tickets if lost or stolen and cannot contact you with information regarding time changes, show cancellations, or other pertinent information.
  • Tickets are good only for the event for which they are purchased and only for the seat for which they are issued. Tickets are not transferrable. Tickets are limited revocable licenses which may be revoked at the sole discretion of the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Without our prior permission, resale of tickets to the Grand Ole Opry above face value, is prohibited. Any such attempted resale is grounds for cancellation without compensation and will void the ticket (whether this occurs before or after the ticket has been printed).

Play it safe, only buy tickets from an official source.

Ticket Policy

Please call Customer Service if you have questions.

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
    • American Express
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
  • Money Order or Business Check with valid photo ID
    For tickets purchased at the Opry Box Office only.

Handling Fee

A ticket handling fee is charged on all tickets ordered online or through the call center. Handling fees for Grand Ole Opry shows are not charged on tickets purchased at the Opry Box office. Handling fees are generally charged on other events held at the Grand Ole Opry House and those fees, and how they are charged, are determined by that show.

Disabled Services

The Grand Ole Opry House provides disabled accommodations and sells tickets to disabled individuals through Customer Service.


Please check the event profile for your specific event for the minimum age requirement prior to your purchase of tickets. For Grand Ole Opry events, all children age 4 and older require a ticket to gain admittance to the venue. Children younger than age 4 do not require a ticket, but cannot occupy their own seat and must sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. Special events being held at the Opry House may have other age policies.

Lost Tickets

If you have lost your tickets or they have been stolen prior to your event, call Opry Customer Service.

Ticket Stubs

Your ticket stub is proof that you are in possession of a valid ticket for the event that you are attending and also designates your correct seat location. This information will also help our staff locate your party in the event that you become separated. Venue staff may ask to see your ticket at any time during the event.


Opry show and tour tickets are non-refundable. Every Grand Ole Opry, Opry at the Ryman, Opry Country Classics, and other Opry shows are comprised of many artists, but artist lineups are subject to change. Shows go on as scheduled. No refunds will be issued. For tickets purchased for other events held at the Grand Ole Opry House, please contact the point of ticket purchase regarding cancellations as event promoter policies vary.


For most events at the Grand Ole Opry shows, all exits are final.

Cancelled or Post-Poned Events

While some artists may cancel for an Opry performance, the Opry event will remain as scheduled. Unused tickets will not be refunded. For other events scheduled in the Grand Ole Opry House, please contact the point of ticket purchase regarding cancellations. Contact Customer Service for additional information or assistance.