Tickets for Grand Ole Opry shows may be purchased at the following authorized points of purchase: Online at, by calling Opry Customer Service at 1-800-SEE-OPRY, or In person at the Grand Ole Opry House Ticket Office or Ryman Auditorium Box Office. Be advised that the Grand Ole Opry cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets obtained through any other source. Counterfeit and other invalid tickets will not be honored by the Grand Ole Opry.


Should you opt to purchase tickets from a source other than an authorized Grand Ole Opry point of purchase, beware!

- The Grand Ole Opry is not responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties, such as ticket brokers, scalpers or online outlets. 
- Tickets purchased from third parties may not be valid and do not guarantee admission into an event. 
- Tickets purchased from third parties are usually priced much higher than the ticket’s face value so you will pay more than the price charged by the Grand Ole Opry for the same ticket.   
- The Grand Ole Opry cannot replace such tickets if lost or stolen and cannot contact you with information regarding time changes, show cancellations, or other pertinent information.

Tickets are good only for the event for which they are purchased and only for the seat for which they are issued.  Tickets are not transferrable.  Tickets are limited revocable licenses which may be revoked at the sole discretion of the Grand Ole Opry. 

Without our prior permission, resale of tickets to the Grand Ole Opry above face value, is prohibited.  Any such attempted resale is grounds for cancellation without compensation and will void the ticket (whether this occurs before or after the ticket has been printed). 






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