Fresh out of high school, Chris Janson packed his bags for Nashville and spent his first night in the city sleeping in his car that he parked behind a honky-tonk. It sounds like the beginnings of a great country song — and in the 14 years since his move, Janson has penned several himself.

His origin story reflects the true Nashville dream: If you throw everything you've got at a goal, good things can happen. For Chris, that means writing songs such as "Truck Yeah" and "I Love This Life" for the likes of Tim McGraw and LOCASH before cutting hit singles of his own, including "Buy Me a Boat" and "Fix a Drink."

But Chris' biggest dream was realized on March 20, 2018 when he was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. We — along with the rest of Nashville — are glad to have him.   

Your friends only have one day in Nashville. Where do you tell them to go?If my friends had only one day in Nashville, I’d definitely tell them to go to the Opry and see the show. They should embrace it all, from taking the tours to experiencing the music. You can’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world.

Where’s your favorite place to eat hot chicken? How spicy is your chicken order? My favorite chicken in Nashville is Hattie B’s. I’ve tried all the flavors, but I personally enjoy medium – and the chicken breast is my go-to. It’s even better when paired with the macaroni and cheese, another favorite.

In your eyes, what’s something that makes Nashville unique?Nashville is super unique. There’s good barbecue, lots of music on Broadway, great antiques and a lot of history. It’s a big city with small town hospitality and smiles.

It’s date night! Where’s a fun place to go?I’d keep my date night simple – find a quiet restaurant and then come home to the back porch. As long as I’m with my wife Kelly, it doesn’t matter what we do.