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Sam Outlaw - "Trouble"

From his 2017 album, Tenderheart, "Trouble" blends folk and pop influences—a mix Outlaw deemed "SoCal country." The video is set in Los Angeles, but features images of the Old West—deserts, neon signs, and old convertibles.

Sam Outlaw - "Ghost Town"

"Ghost Town" was inspired by a series of tragedies in Outlaw's family—the divorce of his parents and the sudden death of his mother. The song tells the feeling that Outlaw suddently felt when he realized the home he had no longer existed. About the song, Outlaw says "There's nothing funny about that at all, but in all of these things, you look for God's grace to get through them and hopefully get to the point where you see that pain is a part of life."


Sam Outlaw is a singer-songwriter living in Nashville, TN. Born Samuel Morgan in South Dakota, his stage name comes from his late mother’s maiden name.

Working as an advertising executive in his twenties, he performed small bar gigs near his home in Los Angeles starting in 2009 but kept his marketing career until 2015 when he finally left his job to become a full-time musician. Turns out that was a good decision.

At age 33, Sam released his debut album Angeleno in 2015. Produced by Ry Cooder and Joachim Cooder, Angeleno introduced Sam as a distinctly assured voice in the Country and Americana scene. The album garnered awards and critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, NPR and countless others. His follow-up album, Tenderheart, gave Outlaw his first foray into self–producing and further evolved his “SoCal Country” sound by introducing more elements of Pop and Rock music. Also a critical success, Tenderheart was heralded as one of the year’s best country albums, supported by a full tour of North America and dozens of shows in Europe.

Sam recently moved his wife and kids from LA to Nashville to seek a better environment for raising their two small children.

Following the move he made his Grand Ole Opry debut on May 3rd - the same day as the "surprise" release of his new EP. Dubbed "Hat Acts", the EP is a concept album that weaves together three songs and three skits to create a surrealist storyline of honky-tonk drama.

With more new music coming soon, Outlaw will embark on a European tour in the Fall, followed by shows across North America.

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