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Rachel Wammack's debut single "Damage" is available now!

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  • Rachel Wammack - "Damage" Live From Nashville Rachel Wammack performs her new single "Damage" at the Analog at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN. The single is off her self-titled EP that was released in April 2018.
  • Rachel Wammack - "Damage" Studio Session Series Watch and listen to the studio session series video of Rachel Wammack's debut single "Damage."
  • Rachel Wammack - "Damage" Official Music Video


Rachel Wammack: 10 Things About Me

RCA Signs Rachel Wammack


Muscle Shoals. Just the name of that sleepy Alabama town evokes some of the most beloved musical moments in American culture. Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and the Rolling Stones are among the legends who have contributed to Muscle Shoals’ mystique and musical legacy. Unlike other musicians who made a pilgrimage to that creative mecca, Rachel Wammack is a native. The town’s creative essence is a part of her DNA and fuels the talented young singer/songwriter’s RCA debut.

Possessing a warm, soulful voice and a sassy but sweet Southern spirit that makes her instantly feel like a longtime friend, Wammack is poised to be country music’s next “it girl.” “I’ve always loved music,” says Wammack, who first caught the attention of Sony A&R exec Jim Catino when she was performing in Muscle Shoals as a teen. Though she and her dad traveled to Nashville to meet with Catino about a deal, Wammack chose to delay moving to Music City. “I stayed home, went to college and performed almost every single weekend at a different restaurant, wedding, private event, anywhere I could. If a restaurant didn’t have music, I would ask them if they could have music and me be that music,” the 23-year-old says. “I love performing out. Don’t ask me if I like songwriting or performing better because I don’t know, but I have a heart for both.”

Wammack graduated from the University of North Alabama with a degree in professional writing. During her junior year she was named Miss UNA, and went on to compete in the Miss Alabama pageant where she won the talent portion of the competition. After graduation, she moved to Music City and in a short period of time had six publishing offers. Of course, when fielding label deals, the choice was easy. Under the guidance of her early champion Jim Catino, she signed with RCA Records.

Helmed by award-winning producer Dann Huff, Wammack’s debut EP spotlights a young artist with a potent voice and impressive songwriting chops. The project includes the poignant ballad, “Damage,” which she co-wrote with Tom Douglas and David Hodges, the vibrant single “Hard to Believe” and “My Boyfriend,” an empowering female anthem declaring “my boyfriend doesn’t speak for me anymore.” “All my songs are very personal,” she says. “If it’s coming out on my album, it’s going to be personal and a way that someone can get to know me. I hope people will be able to relate.”

Wammack also hopes to represent her hometown well. “I do hope that people from Muscle Shoals will be proud of the music that I make because they were the people who supported me throughout high school and college,” she smiles. “I am just praying that I’m making music that they can stand behind and go, ‘There’s our girl! There’s our Muscle Shoals girl!”

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