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John Anderson, an award-winning singer/songwriter, has written and performed countless songs that link back to true country music roots and bring joy to the hearts of his audience through his music. Because of that, it is known by many that he is a traditional country music artist; though he many not compare himself to his heroes. His voice consists of contemporary country, with a hint of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard; which attracts those who love authentic music of any genre.

Raised in Apopka, Florida, John was exposed to both rock and traditional country growing up. This led him to being a fan of both types of music and began his music career focusing on those genres. But John resisted the call of rock 'n roll, saying he insists on pursuing his country music dreams. It was the traditional country ballads that pulled him in and changes music history. 

Beginning his time when moving to Nashville working for a construction company, John was interestingly enough a roofer for the Grand Ole Opry House, while also playing the honky-tonks at night. In 1977, he signed with Warner Bros., reaching his first major hit in 1980 with Billy Joe Shaver’s, “I’m just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be a Diamond Someday).” But we can’t forget "Swingin'," by John and Lionel Delmore, which reached No.1 on the Billboard Country chart, driving him to the CMA Horizon Award, and becoming one of the most enduring hits in the country standard.

On October 5, 2014, John was inducted to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. He continues to give the credit to a handful of studio musicians that influenced the success of his music. “It’s all about knowing the right guys to call, and most all of the guys that played on this record are old friends, aside from being great musicians,” John says, while stating that he plays the song live in the studio and lets the pickers do what they do. "The end result? Creativity as it happens.”

John has a Country Music Hall of Fame-worthy career that has produced 23 albums, more than 60 singles (20 reaching the Top 10), and a wealth of industry awards. He still withholds the integrity he has always had and preaches, “I’m real lucky that my songs even got on a record or were released as singles, and the people that were working with me at the time could tell you that’s true.”

In short, though the creative fires still burn, John is a satisfied man, confident in his art. “All those people I fought with over the music, most of them are dead now, or retired, they don’t even have nothing to do with music now,” he says. “I’m still plowing away, man, and I love it."

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"A best case scenario for me is if the fans that have loved our music and supported us for so many years still love our music, and still get it, I’ll be happy.”


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