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Jimmy Wayne's debut album spawned four hits: "I Love You This Much," "You Are," "Stay Gone," — which peaked at No. 3 on Billboard's country singles chart — and the poignant "Paper Angels," which spotlighted the plight of abused and abducted children and earned Jimmy the William Booth Award from the Salvation Army. Five years later, Jimmy hit the top of the charts with "Do You Believe Me Now."

"I've always wanted to sing, write and play," he says. "I played at cookouts and everything I could around my hometown. It didn't matter what it was or if it was for two or three people, I would play anywhere and everywhere."

Jimmy believes in the power of music to inspire and entertain and he's devoted his life to doing both. He still can't believe he's living a dream come true. "I remember the first time I heard 'Stay Gone' on the radio," says Jimmy. "I was with WQYK's Mike Culotta and we were going to get sushi. We were sitting at a traffic light and it came on the radio. I remember rolling the window down and screaming out the window as loud as I could. I couldn't believe it was my song on the radio."

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“I've always wanted to sing, write and play."


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