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Georgia native Jennifer Nettles' powerful singer-songwriter voice has found a home in her work as both half of an acclaimed country duo, Sugarland, and in her recent solo work. Jennifer explored music from a young age in small town Georgia by learning the piano, singing along to the radio and performing at church events.

In her college years, she got her first start in a duo, forming Soul Miner's Daughter with Cory Jones. In 1998, she started performing with a self-titled band, and by the next year had a spot on the Lilith tour. The Jennifer Nettles Band released Story of Your Bones in 2000. She is best known for her work with Sugarland, a country group that had its beginnings in Atlanta with members Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush. The group released their first album, Twice the Speed of Life, in 2004, which sold more than 2 million copies. Sugarland was named the 2005 ACM Top New Vocal Group.

By 2006 the group became a duo between Jennifer and Kristian and they released a second album, Enjoy the Ride. Sugarland performed Top 10 country hits from that album, including "Stay" and "Everyday America," as they toured with Kenny Chesney.

"Stay," written by Jennifer, won the ACM Single Record of the Year and Song of the Year awards. She made history by being the first woman to have written and performed the Song of the Year.

Jennifer has maintained her country roots while exploring other areas of music. She duetted with Jon Bon Jovi on "Who Says You Can't Go Home," a song that won the CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year, becoming popular with country and rock fans alike.

Sugarland enjoyed continued success with their third album, Love on the Inside, in 2008. The duo became known not only for their popular albums, but their energetic and dynamic live performances. Sugarland released a 2009 holiday album and a fourth original album, The Incredible Machine, in 2010.

Jennifer's 2014 solo album That Girl — produced by Rick Rubin — was supported with a tour that featured critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Brandy Clark as the opening act.

Jennifer lives in Tennessee with her husband, Justin Miller, and their son, Magnus. She made her solo debut on the Grand Ole Opry in June 2014.

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"Country music is a reminder. It reminds me of my roots and my home. ... It reminds me that we are not alone in that we all share many common, life stories of love, and laughter and pain."


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