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If you ask Jana Kramer to describe her life in this very moment she would say, "Dreams really do come true." The singer/songwriter/actress has already had success with several songs that were featured on the TV series One Tree Hill, in which she played the role of firecracker actress, Alex Dupre. She's also hit the country charts with singles including "Why Ya Wanna," "I Hope It Rains," "Love" and "I Got The Boy."

"I love acting, but my heart and soul is in singing," she says. "I've been terrified to pursue this dream because it's so personal to me. If someone tells me they don't like my voice, it's a lot harder of a hit to take. This is what I've always wanted to do. I've wanted to do music my entire life."

Growing up in Michigan, Jana is no stranger to the rich history of country music. She says one of her favorite memories is baking cookies with her grandmother while listening to Patsy Cline. These little moments are one of the many reasons why Jana hopes to share her music with others.

And she's doing just that, as the singer-songwriter is lighting up country music with her emotionally moving songs and sweet, country vocals, selling over 150,000 digital singles in the first six months of her recording career.

"Country music is in my blood," she says. "I love country music because it tells a story and I have a lot of stories to tell."

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“Country music is in my blood. I love country music because it tells a story and I have a lot of stories to tell.”


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